Here’s How to AirPlay to Panasonic TV [Complete Guide]

Panasonic makes a great deal of smart TVs, some running Android TV, others powered by Fire TV. Depending on your region, they even sell models running the proprietary “My Home Screen” OS, which, while not the best smart TV experience out there, offers access to most of the streaming apps/services you care about.

One shortcoming of Panasonic TVs is their distinct lack of AirPlay support, something LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, TCL, and even smaller TV makers like Philips, Sharp, and Sanyo have started to integrate into their televisions. So, if you daily-drive an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you might find it difficult to stream media from your Apple device(s) to your big screen.

That said, there are some easy-to-follow workarounds to get Apple AirPlay working on your Panasonic TV – this guide highlights them in detail. By the end, you should be able to stream videos, share your photos, and mirror your device’s screen to your television.

AirPlay to Panasonic TV – All You Need to Know

AirPlay to Panasonic TV

PSA: You May Not Need AirPlay For Streaming Apps

Your Panasonic TV doesn’t necessarily have to have AirPlay if all you want is to cast streaming content on the big screen without picking up the remote. If your particular model runs Android TV or Google TV, it already has Chromecast built-in, which, for those who didn’t know, also works with iPhones and iPads.

Assuming that’s the case, ensure your Panasonic TV and Apple device are on the same home Wi-Fi network. When using a streaming app on your iPhone/iPad, say, for example, YouTube or Netflix, you’ll notice the Cast icon (screen with three waves) in the top-right corner or the player options. Tap that, and you should see your Chromecast-enabled Panasonic TV in the list of devices. Select it, and the chosen media will start playing back on your big screen shortly.

Some of Panasonic’s newer 4K TVs, despite running the proprietary “My Home Screen” OS, have Chromecast functionality. While it’s absent on Panasonic’s Fire TV Edition TVs (like any Fire TV device), casting may still be available on a per-app basis.

AirPlay to Panasonic TV: Use an External AirPlay-Enabled Device

Of course, the benefits of AirPlay extend beyond streaming content. If you’re looking for a way to show photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad or mirror what’s on your device’s screen wirelessly to your Panasonic TV, consider purchasing an external AirPlay-enabled receiver, such as an Apple TV box or a Roku player.

We suggest going with the latter, given how affordable they are. A Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, or Roku Ultra is all you need to add AirPlay functionality to your Panasonic TV. Plus, you get the added benefit of access to a bevvy of streaming apps and channels you otherwise might not find on your TV’s built-in app store.

Once you set up your Roku device (ensuring it’s on the same home network as your Apple device), you’re good to go! On your iPhone or iPad, browse to the video, photo, music, or other media you wish to see on the big screen, tap the in-app AirPlay icon (for some apps, you may find it in the Share menu), and choose your Roku device in the AirPlay menu.

When using AirPlay, you have complete playback control solely from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, though you can also use your Roku remote. If you want to mirror your device’s screen to your TV instead, use the Screen Mirroring feature (accessible within the Control Centre of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS). To stop streaming over AirPlay, press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Screen Mirroring

If you don’t see your Roku in the AirPlay menu, firstly, confirm your streaming player is up to date, and secondly, AirPlay is turned on. Head to Settings from your Roku Home screen, navigate to the Apple AirPlay and HomeKit menu, and ensure AirPlay is On. Rebooting your devices should also help.

Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

Use a Third-Party Mirroring App

There’s no real reason why one should use a third-party app for screen mirroring nowadays, but in cases where you don’t want to invest in additional hardware to add AirPlay to your Panasonic TV, they somewhat come in handy. Apowermirror and AirBeamTV are such options, though you must pay a subscription fee for most features.


The setup is straightforward. Download the mirroring app on your Panasonic TV (Play Store on Android TV, Amazon Appstore on Fire TV) and Apple device (via App Store). After that, launch the app on your respective devices and follow the on-screen prompts to get screen mirroring up and running.

That said, such solutions don’t really allow for unlocking the full capabilities of AirPlay, and mirroring may inhibit quality issues depending on your network connection. Also, any apps playing back DRM-protected content won’t work over mirroring either.

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Casting Off

At the time of writing, Panasonic is yet to bring AirPlay capabilities to its range of smart TVs. However, for you existing Panasonic TV owners out there, the workarounds outlined in this guide should be good enough for now. If you still have uncleared doubts about how to get AirPlay working on your Panasonic TV or have feedback to offer, please let us know.

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