What Channel is CBS on Samsung TV Plus?

Established in 1927, when television was still in its early stages, CBS (previously referred to as the Columbia Broadcasting System) stands as the preeminent broadcast network in the United States, embodied by its iconic eyeball logo. Fast forward several decades, and CBS still dominates the TV domain.

Home to some of the most popular sitcoms and procedural law dramas, the network continues to air hit shows across a range of genres, such as NCIS, FBI, CSI, The Equalizer, Ghosts, Young Sheldon, Survivor, The Challenge: USA, Big Brother, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, plus news programs like 60 Minutes, Face The Nation, and more.

Like the other big three broadcast networks, CBS also has its fair share of sports coverage, including football (NFL), basketball (NCAA, WNBA), soccer (UEFA, NWSL, Serie A), tennis (WTT, Davis Cup), golf (PGA, The Masters), motorsports (Formula E), and so on.

When it comes to finding CBS, The Eye’s omnipresence is evident – with more than 200 local affiliate stations ensuring coverage in every state across the nation. Chances are you’ve been looking for yours on Samsung TV Plus but couldn’t find it. “What channel is CBS on Samsung TV Plus?” you ask. Carry on reading to learn more.

Samsung TV Plus: What You Need to Know

Samsung TV Plus is a free ad-supported streaming TV (often abbreviated as FAST) service, similar to platforms like Pluto TV and Tubi. And if you’ve used these services before, you’re probably aware the 24/7 live “channels” they offer don’t actually follow a set programming schedule like traditional networks.

FAST channels usually consist of pre-recorded content that is looped continuously, providing viewers with a non-stop stream of content, catering to specific genres or interests. Samsung TV Plus offers channels with live programming, but they aren’t the same as live broadcasting on traditional cable or satellite television.

Besides offering a live-like experience, TV Plus provides a huge catalog of on-demand shows and films, allowing viewers to choose what they want to watch when they want to watch it – all for free, without a subscription or an account.

What Channel is CBS on Samsung TV Plus?

CBS on Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus offers 200+ channels in the United States. Sadly, your local CBS station isn’t one of them. You can, however, tune in to the 24/7 CBS News (1005) live stream for breaking news and comprehensive reporting from the network. You may also find your local CBS-affiliated news station if you happen to be in one of the following areas:



East Tennessee (1035) Nashville






Los Angeles














New York (1039)

Apart from that, you can watch CBS Sports HQ (1152) on Samsung TV Plus for your daily sports news reports, game previews, live scores, highlights, post-game analysis, in-depth breakdowns, and more across a wide range of sports leagues.

FAQ: How do I access these channels on Samsung TV Plus?

If you have a 2016 or newer Samsung Smart TV model, press HOME on the remote control to bring up the Home Screen or Smart Hub menu, and select the Samsung TV Plus app. You can then press the CH Up/Down buttons to surf to the CBS channel you want to watch. Of course, your TV must be connected to the internet.

Tip: Press the GUIDE (or hold down either CH button) to bring the channel guide. From there, you can quickly browse through the channels and see what’s on now and coming up next.

For those with a Samsung Galaxy mobile or tablet (running Android 8.0 and above), tap the Samsung TV Plus app in your app drawer and navigate to the LIVE tab to access the 24/7 channels. You may need to download it first from the Play Store or Galaxy Store.

You can also stream Samsung TV Plus’ live channels and on-demand content on your computer or laptop by going to samsungtvplus.com in your browser.

Other Ways to Watch CBS on Samsung TV

A streaming TV subscription from DirecTV Stream, fuboTV, or YouTube TV will give you access to your local CBS station in most markets. However, if you don’t have a lot to spend, consider opting for the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan, which costs only $12 a month and lets you watch the CBS and Showtime channels live, plus:

  • Ad-free, on-demand access to 45,000+ TV show episodes and blockbuster films
  • Award-winning originals, including streaming-exclusive seasons of your favorite CBS and Showtime franchises
  • In-market Sunday afternoon NFL games, UEFA Champions League, and other sports programs

You can get the Paramount+ app from the built-in TV Apps Store on your 2017 or newer Tizen-enabled Samsung Smart TV. Alternatively, if you’re a Prime Video or Apple TV Plus subscriber, you may add the Paramount+ channel as an add-on to your existing plan.

But the best part is that a cable or streaming subscription isn’t even necessary to watch CBS (or any other local channel) on Samsung TV since all you really need is a digital TV antenna to receive your local CBS affiliate station. As always, you can use the FCC’s DTV Reception Maps tool to verify this.

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Bottom Line

This guide discusses what channel is CBS on Samsung TV Plus, with notable mentions to the news and sports ones in particular. We’ve also highlighted in the above section some alternative ways to tune into your local CBS station on the big screen, both paid and free options.

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