How to Get Crunchyroll on Apple TV in 2024

The early 2000s was a hard time for anime fans when watching the latest episodes of animated Japanese shows or movies was nearly next to impossible without downloading some bootleg versions in 240p or going to YouTube to stream multiple parts of the same episode, sometimes from different uploaders.

However, with the explosive growth in the streaming landscape, anime is so much more accessible outside Asian markets than a decade ago. And when it comes to the world of anime, Crunchyroll is the one streamer that triumphs over all, offering the finest in Japanese entertainment.

Established in 2006, Crunchyroll has consistently expanded its offerings, solidifying itself as the ultimate destination for anime fans across the globe. It features an extensive on-demand library comprising thousands of episodes from numerous popular anime series alongside a wide selection of exclusive shows.

The OTT platform wields a significant influence over the popularity of anime internationally. With the service offering the largest viewing catalog, you might be curious about its pricing, the perks of different subscription tiers, and, most notably, whether it’s accessible on your Apple TV. Our guide to Crunchyroll on Apple TV will address all your inquiries.

Crunchyroll on Apple TV: Everything You Need to Know

Crunchyroll is the go-to hub for anime fans, offering 1,000+ classic and current anime shows, movies, exclusive originals, 200+ Asian dramas, and a sizable catalog of digital manga titles. Between 30,000+ subbed anime episodes, the streamer also offers dubbed content in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi, and other languages.

The service currently clocks over 120 million registered users across 200+ countries, with ten million paid subscribers. Following its mega-merger with Funimation in 2021, Sony’s long-time streaming rival, Crunchyroll’s on-demand library has only grown bigger – from previous seasons to the newest episodes of your favorite anime fresh from Japan.

Even better, a significant portion of its content is free to watch, though you’ll have to endure occasional advertisements and lower-quality 480p video playback. Also, new episodes aren’t available right away, so you’ll need to wait a bit.

The fees are very reasonable if you opt for a Crunchyroll Premium subscription (starting from $7.99/mo or £4.99/mo, also available in annual prices). In return, you can enjoy ad-free viewing, higher-resolution video playback, and complimentary perks. Here are the options:

  • Fan (14-day Free Trial): Removes ads, streaming access to the entire library of anime and dramas (including simulcasts) with upgraded video resolution (720p and 1080p), one stream at a time, and manga simulpubs.
  • Mega Fan (14-day Free Trial): Includes all Fan features, allows four concurrent streams, offline downloads (on mobile), and a $15 discount every three months on a $100 Crunchyroll Store purchase.
  • Ultimate Fan (14-day Free Trial): Combines Fan and Mega Fan perks, permits six concurrent streams, a yearly swag bag, and a $25 discount every three months on a $100 Crunchyroll Store purchase.

Crunchyroll has recently dropped support for older Apple TV boxes, but you’re good if you own an Apple TV HD (4th Gen) or Apple TV 4K running tvOS 16.4 or later.

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How to Get Crunchyroll on Apple TV?

Crunchyroll on Apple TV

Like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, you must download the Crunchyroll app from the App Store to stream your favorite anime programs on your Apple TV. It’s a straightforward process which goes as follows:

  • First, browse your Apple TV Home Screen and select the App Store
  • Explore the catalogs within the App Store’s “Discover” page for the Crunchyroll
    • If you can’t find it, highlight the magnifying glass symbol on the App Store’s top navigation bar.
    • In the following Search menu, use the on-screen keys to enter “Crunchyroll” in the field, then select the app from the results.
  • When you’re on Crunchyroll’s preview page on the App Store, click Get. You’ll have to confirm it the second time to proceed.

When Crunchyroll on Apple TV finishes installing, select Open to launch it, or return to the Home Screen and open it from there. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for a Crunchyroll account, upon which the app will also prompt you to subscribe to Premium.

Whatever subscription tier you choose, Crunchyroll will charge you for it through your Apple ID / iTunes account after the 14-day free trial period. It’ll auto-renew at the end of your chosen billing cycle, and you can cancel anytime from your Apple TV’s Settings > Users and Accounts > Subscriptions menu.

Should you decide to register from on the web, you can enter your account credentials on the app’s login screen using your Siri Remote to sign in. Alternatively, use these steps for seamless activation:

  • Open the Crunchyroll Apple TV app and navigate to the “Log in” screen.
  • There, select “Log in with Activation Code.” A six-character alphanumeric code will appear on the screen.
  • Head to from your mobile or computer browser and log in with Crunchyroll account details.
  • Finally, confirm the activation code and authorize linking your Apple TV to your Crunchyroll account.

And success! Feel free to jump into the latest season of that one anime series everyone’s raving about on social media from the app’s Home page, or use the Search menu to find your favorite titles.

You can add shows and movies for later bingeing to your Watchlist, accessible from the Crunchyroll app’s left-hand navigation panel. And when you can’t decide what to watch, head to the Browse menu, where you can sort and filter the service’s enormous catalog by different categories and genres.

From the in-app player menu, you can effortlessly switch between different subtitles (CC) and language tracks for the content you’re streaming on Apple TV. One can also choose between the subbed and dubbed versions from a movie, drama, or series overview screen or episode list.

➢    None of Crunchyroll’s offerings are streaming in 4K. If you use an Apple TV 4K with a compatible Ultra HD television, however, it does a good job of upscaling the Full HD content to provide a crisp image. Make sure you manually set the Quality to 1080p HD in the player menu for the best experience.

➢    The “Skip Intro” feature is available for select titles, but you must also be a Premium subscriber.

Cast Crunchyroll on Apple TV

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Crunchyroll mobile app (also available on the Apple App Store for the respective devices) to stream anime episodes, films, concert VODs, and Asian dramas onto your big screen via AirPlay – provided you own a 3rd generation or newer Apple TV box or even an AirPlay 2-compatible Smart TV.

With your Apple devices on the same home network, open the Crunchyroll mobile app and tap the Cast (TV with three waves) icon at the top-right corner next to the Search option. If your Apple TV is on, you should see it on the device list. Tap it to connect to the Apple TV. The content you pick to watch should start playing on your big screen.

You can use your iPhone or iPad for media controls and volume adjustment and continue using it for other tasks while enjoying your favorite anime on your TV.

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Crunchyroll on Apple TV: What to Watch?

Crunchyroll boasts an unmatched anime library. To put it playfully, if streaming services were like Pokémon trainers, Crunchyroll would be an elite Pokémon Master, having subsumed all its competitors, including Funimation and VRV. In the US, Hulu and Netflix stand as the last barriers between Crunchyroll and its quest for anime domination.

If you’re ready to try Crunchyroll on Apple TV, you’ll find a wide variety of anime to enjoy. From classics like One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Ace Attorney to new releases such as Reign of the Seven Spellblades, Jujutsu Kaisen, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Trigun Stampede, The Fire Hunter, and Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead available shortly after airing in Japan, the streamer has something for every kind of anime fanatic.

As mentioned earlier, Crunchyroll’s catalog is primarily focused on anime series, but they also offer anime movies and Asian dramas, although the selection for these categories changes regularly.

Whether you’re into long-running shonen series like Naruto Shippuden and One Piece or prefer shorter action-packed shows like Demon Slayer, One-Punch Man, Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, SPY x FAMILY, and Chainsaw Man, Crunchyroll has an extensive range of titles to explore.

If you’re looking for something new, check out the following Crunchyroll Originals titles:

  • Tower of God
  • TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You
  • Ex-Arm
  • In/Spectre
  • Giblate
  • Blade Runner: Black Lotus
  • The God of High School
  • FreakAngels
  • Noblesse
  • Onyx Equinox
  • Shenmue: The Animation

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Summing It Up

Whether you’re a seasoned anime enthusiast or a casual viewer, with its extensive anime library and affordable ad-free tiers, Crunchyroll stands out as a bang-for-the-buck choice among most streamers in the current market. Now, with Crunchyroll on Apple TV, you’re ready to dive into your favorite anime series and the latest simulcasts on the big screen!

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