What Channel is Discovery on Samsung TV Plus?

If you love watching documentaries, factual programs, and reality shows, you probably find yourself tuning into the Discovery Channel often. It’s the most popular infotainment TV network in the world, with a variety of programs for all ages and interests, including popular science, technology, nature, history, medicine, and more.

In recent years, Discovery has expanded into other programming genres through several sister channels, such as Discovery Family, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Life, Animal Planet, Cooking Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Magnolia Network, TLC, Travel Channel, Science Channel, etc.

The network even has its own streaming service, featuring thousands of hours of on-demand episodes from a broad catalog of titles from all Discovery properties and exclusive original series, including multiple spin-offs of fan-favorite shows.

But what if you don’t have a cable or streaming subscription? Can you enjoy the Discovery Channel on Samsung TV Plus without a plan? After all, it’s a free, ad-supported streamer that comes preloaded on your Samsung Smart TV and mobile device, which lets you watch 200+ live channels and 1000s of on-demand content without fees or contracts.

What channel is Discovery on Samsung TV Plus? And how can you find and watch it? That’s what this guide is all about, so we suggest reading on to discover your options.

What Channel is Discovery on Samsung TV Plus?

What Channel is Discovery on Samsung TV Plus?

Neither the Discovery Channel nor any of its sister brands stream on the Samsung TV Plus service, at least in the United States and Canada. Still, if you’re craving for infotainment, lifestyle, reality, and true crime programs, TV Plus has plenty of substitute channels to offer, which include the following:

VICE (1086) Crime 360 by A&E (1126) Court TV (1133)
Tastemade (1201) Tastemade Travel (1207) BBC Food (1229)
Tastemade Home (1219) QVC (1223) HSN (1224)
All-Out Reality (1230) All Reality WE TV (1239) Samsung Wild Life (1400)
TED (1405) Love Nature 4K (1404) PBS Digital Studios (1406)
Xplore (1407) History & Warfare (1406) UnXplained Zone (1431)

Most of these “channels” loop a particular set of programs in a linear format. However, some serve as “hubs” for individual shows, with notable examples like Home Made Nation (1216), Duck Dynasty (1232), Ice Road Truckers (1234), Ax Men (1235), Hell’s Kitchen (1240), Kitchen Nightmares (1241), Dance Moms (1250), and Modern Marvels (1403). You can also enjoy these programs on TV Plus on-demand.

If you’re in the UK, you won’t find the Discovery on Samsung TV Plus either. That said, you can tune in to the following alternatives for a change:

Hell’s Kitchen (4108) Survivor (4111) Mystery TV (4116)
MythBusters (4205) Haunt TV (4215) Inside Crime (4209)
Rakuten Docus (4229) Pluto TV Paranormal (4230) History Hit (4232)
Pluto TV Conspiracy (4238) Planet Knowledge (4240) PBS America (4246)
True Crime UK (4212) Travelxp (4411) GoUSA TV (4414)
Great British Menu (4430) Pluto TV Food (4435) Tastemade (4447)
Pluto TV Animals (4269) INWILD (4272) WildEarth (4273)

Meanwhile, Samsung TV Plus users in India have streaming access to a range of full-fledged Discovery channels on the service, including:

Discovery Discovery HD Animal Planet Animal Planet HD
Discovery Science Discovery Tamil Discovery Turbo TLC
TLC HD Investigation Discovery ID HD Discovery Kids

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How to Watch Channels on Samsung TV Plus?

Assuming you own a compatible Tizen-powered Samsung Smart TV (2016 or newer model) connected to your home broadband, simply press the dedicated Samsung TV Plus button on the remote to start watching. You may then press the CH Up/Down buttons to navigate to the channel you want to watch.

To see what’s currently on and coming up next on the channels, press the GUIDE remote button (or long-press either CH button) to open the channel guide. You can browse to the Discover tab from the same menu and explore TV Plus’ on-demand offerings.

If you use TV Plus on your Samsung Galaxy mobile or tablet, launch it from your app drawer and go to the LIVE tab to access the channels. TV Plus is exclusive to Samsung devices (Android 8.0 and above) and is downloadable from the Galaxy Store / Play Store if you don’t have it already.

The mobile app also supports casting via Chromecast. It means you can watch Discovery and all the other channels (plus on-demand films and shows) even on a non-Samsung television, provided it has built-in Chromecast functionality, or you use a compatible streaming player.

Don’t have a supported Samsung device? Visit samsungtvplus.com to stream via the web, though it’s only accessible to viewers in the US.

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Finishing Up

Here’s everything you need to know regarding what channel is Discovery on Samsung TV Plus. Since Discovery and its sister channels are unavailable on TV Plus in most countries, we’ve highlighted a few substitute FAST channels on the service we deem suitable to your content tastes.

If you’re in the States, signing up for a streaming TV subscription via Philo (the cheapest pick), Sling TV, or Hulu + Live TV will give you access to the Discovery Channel and almost all its partner networks on your Samsung TV without cable. For those in the UK, the Basic Discovery+ plan is all you need to tune in to the live Discovery channels.

Note Discovery isn’t a free-to-air broadcast network or a Freeview channel, so you won’t be able to use a digital HDTV antenna or aerial dish to catch the channel over the air.

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