How to Exit Samsung TV Plus [Easy Guide 2024]

Samsung TV Plus is a treasure trove of free, ad-supported live channels, and it’s home to thousands of movies and shows viewers can watch on-demand. It’s integrated into all newer Samsung Smart TVs, so users can start streaming immediately upon picking up the remote, all at no cost – no subscriptions, no fees required.

While TV Plus automatically plays back channels for your viewing pleasure, it’s only a matter of time before Conan O’Brien starts getting on your nerves every time you close a streaming app or power on your television.

It can get very frustrating very quickly, so in this guide, we’ll show you how to exit Samsung TV Plus whenever you wish and explore other content options at your own pace.

How to Exit Samsung TV Plus?

how to exit samsung tv plus

When you turn on your Samsung Smart TV, Samsung TV Plus should auto-start playing. To exit it, simply press the BACK button on your TV remote. You’ll get a prompt to exit TV Plus, where you click OK to proceed. Try holding down the BACK remote button if you don’t see the exit window.

When you wish to return to watching the free live channels, either press the dedicated TV Plus button on the remote or navigate to the Home Screen or Smart Hub bar and select the Samsung TV Plus app. It’s really that simple for the most part.

Steps to Prevent Samsung TV Plus From Autorunning

On select Samsung Smart TV models, TV Plus, by default, auto-plays when you exit any other app or turn the television on, with no options to get out of it. Thankfully, Samsung does allow users to prevent TV Plus from playing automatically. Simply follow these steps:

  • Press the Settings (cog icon) button on your TV remote. Alternatively, navigate to Settings > All Settings from your TV’s Home Screen or Smart Hub menu.
  • Scroll down to the General & Privacy tab, then find and select the Start Screen Option in the following submenu.

Start Screen Option

  • Enable the “Autorun Last App” feature to ensure your TV turns on to the last app or source watched instead of Samsung TV Plus the next time.

Autorun Last App

On Q60A and AU8000 (2021) models, you can easily stop TV Plus from auto-playing by going to Settings > General > Smart Features and making sure the “Autorun Samsung TV Plus” is set to Disable.

Here’s Samsung Care’s official step-by-step video guide outlining the process (1:20 timestamp): Use and watch Samsung TV Plus on your TV | Samsung US

Disabling Samsung TV Plus

If you rarely use Samsung TV Plus and find yourself constantly irritated by the interruptions and distractions it imposes while using your Smart TV, disabling it can significantly enhance your viewing experience. Here’s how you do it on a 2022 or newer model:

  • Press the HOME remote button to navigate to your TV’s Home Screen.
  • Click the Edit List icon next to your apps list on the Home Screen.
  • Choose the Samsung TV Plus app, then Remove in the dialog box.
  • Select Disable in the following window. It’ll remove TV Plus from the Home bar and all its channels from the TV Guide.

On a 2020-21 Samsung Smart TV, navigate to the Home page, highlight the Samsung TV Plus app, and press the Down D-Pad remote button. Choose Remove, then Disable in the following menu. No longer will you be greeted with a sudden, unexpected show upon turning on your Samsung TV.

Re-enabling Samsung TV Plus

If you wish to tune back into Samsung TV Plus’ live channels or stream its on-demand offerings, you can re-enable it by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Connected Devices menu from the left-hand sidebar of your TV’s Home Screen.
  • Highlight the Samsung TV Plus icon and press the Down button on your remote’s directional pad.
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, choose Add to Home.

On a 2020-21 model, head to the Source menu, hover over Samsung TV Plus, press the Up D-Pad remote button, and select Add to Home.

Optional Way to Disable Samsung TV Plus

A great thing about Samsung TV Plus is you can customize the channels you want. If there are channels you never watch, you can get rid of them to make your TV simpler. If you don’t like any channels and delete them all, the Samsung TV Plus app will no longer appear and only come back when the service adds a new channel later. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, press the HOME button on your TV remote.
  • On the Home Screen, highlight the Samsung TV Plus app and select “Channel List” in the context bar above the apps row.
  • After that, select the Edit Channels button at the bottom of the following menu.
  • Choose Samsung TV Plus in the sidebar, then select the checkbox next to the “Select all” option.

Select all

  • Finally, select Delete, then confirm your choice in the pop-up window.

To restore the TV Plus channels, return to the “Edit Channels” menu anytime and click the Restore Samsung TV Plus button.

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Closing Out

Samsung TV Plus has something for everyone and for free, but it can sometimes be of nuisance if you don’t enjoy its offerings and are subscribed to premium streaming services. Now that you know how to exit Samsung TV Plus and avoid its annoyances, we hope you have a great time enjoying what you want to watch on your TV.

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