What Channel is F1 on Samsung TV Plus?

Few motorsports events can match the high-octane action, precision, and sheer adrenaline rush that Formula One delivers. With roaring engines, magnificent overtakes, and drama unfolding on iconic circuits across the globe, F1 has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The anticipation, the strategy, the rivalries—it’s all part of the magic.

The incredible growth spurt in Formula 1’s popularity in recent years has resulted in most broadcasters charging extra for the coverage, which can be disappointing for fans. Now, imagine if you could watch the Grand Prix races for free on your Samsung TV. That would be pretty awesome, right?

Since you’re here, Samsung TV Plus is likely the first thing that has come to your mind. It offers hundreds of free channels, after all. And rest assured: you certainly aren’t the only one who thought of being able to watch F1 races on the free, ad-supported streamer.

This guide is here to help you find out what channel is F1 on Samsung TV Plus. Whether you’re a big fan of a particular racer or just love fast cars, we’re going to see if Samsung TV Plus can make your Formula 1 dream come true.

Brief Overview of Samsung TV Plus

Being a free, ad-supported television (FAST) platform, Samsung TV Plus is home to over 200 live channels across various genres: entertainment, news, lifestyle, food and drink, kids, music, movies, and sports, including motorsports. Plus, it offers thousands of on-demand titles – all for FREE.

TV Plus is akin to Pluto TV, Tubi, Xumo Play, and Crackle, which also offer live channels and on-demand content without a subscription, except it’s available exclusively to Tizen-powered Samsung Smart TVs and Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners.

Like the other ad-supported streamers, most of these 24/7 “channels” on Samsung TV Plus aren’t actually the same as the broadcast or cable channels. Their programming varies quite a lot. In fact, some of them serve as “hubs” for reruns of a particular show and content of similar niches that you can tune in to and start watching, similar to traditional TV.

Unfortunately, this also applies to most sports channels on the service.

What Channel is F1 on Samsung TV Plus?

f1 on samsung tv plus

If you’re actually expecting to watch the upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix on the big screen via Samsung TV Plus, there’s some bad news. While it offers about 30 sports “channels” in the United States, none are showing F1 this season for free.

Sadly, there’s only so much you can ask from a free, ad-supported platform like TV Plus, and streaming Formula 1 is a far-fetched concept. However, you’ll still find some channels on the subscription-free service to satisfy your cravings for high-octane racing and supercars:

  • MotorTrend Fast TV (1192)
  • Pluto TV Cars (1195)
  • Torque (1196)
  • PowerNation (1191)
  • Ride or Drive (1188)
  • Top Gear (1189)

Depending on where you are, you can also catch your local news channels on Samsung TV Plus, where you can stay up to date with the Formula 1 world with breaking news.

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Other Ways to Watch F1 on Samsung TV

If you don’t mind catching up with the practice, qualifiers, and main events through small bits of highlights, the official Formula 1 YouTube channel is a great resource to start with.

Simply navigate to the YouTube app from your Samsung TV’s Home Screen or App Bar and search for the “Formula 1” channel. Between snippets and extended replays, you can enjoy plenty of behind-the-scenes content, including exclusive interviews.

Since ABC is airing a handful of Formula One races, you can use an over-the-air antenna (check out the Mohu Leaf series) with your Samsung TV to pick up your local ABC channel and watch the races for free. That’s assuming you live close to a TV broadcast tower and have good signal reception, which you can verify by confirming your zip code into the FCC’s Reception Maps Tool.

However, for comprehensive Formula One coverage, you have no choice but to pay for a streaming subscription. It includes F1 TV Pro, which offers live access to every F1 (along with F2, F3, and Porsche Supercup) race, multi-camera feeds, on-demand replays, and original content.

There’s also the Hulu + Live TV subscription, which gets you all the main ESPN channels (premier Formula 1 broadcaster in the US) plus ESPN+ at no additional cost, giving you live access to every F1 race. Moreover, with 90+ channels at your fingertips, you’ll also be able to enjoy NASCAR, Indycar, MotoGP, and other sporting events on your Samsung TV.

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Checkered Flag

From the screeching tires to the dramatic finishes, the allure of Formula 1 is hard to resist, and for fans, watching their favorite drivers and teams in action is a thrilling journey in itself.

Sure, you won’t be able to tune in to F1 on Samsung TV Plus for the time being, but to make up for the loss, we’ve offered a few other free and premium streaming alternatives in the above section. For queries or feedback, the comments section below is open to everyone.

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