What Channel is MTV on Samsung TV Plus?

It’s no secret that Samsung is a prominent Korean giant in the tech industry. They’re one of the largest television and mobile device manufacturers in the world. But what you probably didn’t know is that in recent years, Samsung has also positioned itself as a big player in the advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) space with its TV Plus service.

The most compelling feature of Samsung TV Plus is its zero-subscription model, allowing Samsung Smart TV (and Chromecast) and Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners to stream over 250 FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) live channels and 1000s of movies and shows on demand – all for free.

Since you’re here, chances are you’ve recently discovered Samsung TV Plus, wondering whether you can watch the MTV channel and your favorite MTV reality shows on-demand. MTV is one of the most iconic names in music and pop culture, after all.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a reality TV junkie, or simply looking to stay up-to-date with the latest lifestyle and fashion trends, we’ve discussed everything you need to know regarding the availability of MTV on Samsung TV Plus.

Can You Watch MTV on Samsung TV Plus?

Yes! You can tune in to the 24/7 MTV Pluto TV (1245) channel on Samsung TV Plus, which expands on the traditional cable channel’s broadcast by bringing additional programming to its viewers.

Like most free, ad-supported streaming channels on TV Plus, MTV Pluto TV has a different content schedule, even though it follows the same linear programming format. The channel serves as a hub featuring episodes from the best of MTV’s classic hits, including reality and dating shows.

While you won’t be able to catch fresh episodes of your favorite MTV programs on the FAST channel, you can catch up with the older seasons of some of the channel’s most popular shows, including Ridiculousness, The Challenge, Catfish: The TV Show, Ex on the Beach, Siesta Key, etc. You’ll also find many MTV classics from the late ‘90s and early 2000s, plus a small selection of the network’s documentaries – all on-demand.

Today, what remains of MTV is only a shadow of the “cult hit” status it gained in its early years. It wasn’t until the late 2010s that the channel withdrew its focus from music to reality programming for teens and young adults. Lucky for you, Samsung TV Plus has also got you covered with dozens of music-oriented channels, satiating your musical cravings:

Vevo 2K (1513) Vevo Country (1514) Vevo Hip-Hop (1511) Vevo R&B (1510)
Vevo Pop (1517) Vevo ‘70s (1520) Vevo ‘80s (1521) Vevo ‘90s (1522)
Vevo Retro Rock (1534) Vevo 2010s (1524) XITE Just Chill (1504) XITE Rock On (1503)

How to Watch MTV on Samsung TV Plus?

Assuming you have a compatible Samsung device, whether that be a Tizen-enabled Smart TV (2016 or newer model), Galaxy smartphone or tablet (Android 8.0 and above), or even one of those Family Hub refrigerators – as long as it’s on your home broadband connection, you can easily stream the MTV Pluto TV channel on Samsung TV Plus.

Your Samsung TV already has Samsung TV Plus built-in. All you have to do is press the HOME button on the remote and select the TV Plus app icon on the Home Screen. Or, press the Guide remote button (or hold down the CH button) and tune to Channel 1245 for MTV Pluto TV.

Tip: Navigate to the app’s “Discover” tab if you want to watch classic episodes from TV Plus’ catalog of MTV titles on-demand.

Similarly, the Samsung TV Plus app is likely pre-loaded on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Simply navigate to the app’s LIVE tab, scroll to the Reality genre, and pick MTV Pluto TV in the channel guide. If you don’t have the TV Plus app, head to your device’s Play Store or Galaxy Store to install it.

It’s not like Samsung TV Plus is exclusive to Samsung devices either. If you have a smart TV or streaming media player with Chromecast built-in on the same home network, you can cast the live MTV channel and on-demand episodes from the TV Plus mobile app onto your big screen. Additionally, you can stream them on the web via samsungtvplus.com on your PC or laptop (accessible in the U.S. only).

Not to mention, you can access the MTV Pluto TV channel on Samsung’s ad-supported streamer without a subscription or even creating an account!

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Tuning Out

As highlighted in this guide, you can indeed watch MTV on Samsung TV Plus for free, though the streaming version isn’t the same as its cable counterpart.

If you want to stream the full-fledged MTV channel, subscribe to a streaming TV provider instead. Philo, with its base $25 monthly plan after a 7-day trial, offers MTV, MTV2, MTV Classic, MTV Live, and VH1, alongside 65+ other channels. You can also catch up with the newest episodes of your favorite MTV shows on the service.

And for those who pay for a Paramount+ subscription, note the majority of MTV Originals are streaming on the platform on-demand.

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