How to Watch Sky Go on Apple TV [Quick Guide]

Your Apple TV is your gateway to endless entertainment, with access to a bevvy of apps and streaming platforms that let you watch the latest blockbusters, your favourite TV shows, and exclusive originals. But did you know it’s possible to stream live, on-demand, and catch-up TV from your existing Sky package on your Apple TV? With the Sky Go app, now it is.

You’re no longer limited to using Sky Go on phones, tablets, and PCs. Following what might have felt like an interminable anticipation for Sky subscribers in the UK and other parts of Europe, in 2022, Sky officially introduced the app natively for Apple TV HD (4th Gen) and 4K boxes running tvOS 13.0 and above.

Many of you will welcome the addition of Sky Go to Apple TV, especially since the app has been available on iPhones and iPads for years. It offers streaming access to more than 100 channels and provides on-demand access to popular TV series box sets, all within the blue interface you’re familiar with on your Sky Q box or Sky Stream device.

That said, it doesn’t offer the complete range of Sky channels and has certain restrictions and requirements. Lucky for you – this guide will briefly touch upon all that and then show you how to download and use Sky Go on Apple TV. Keep reading to learn more.

Sky Go on Apple TV: What You Need to Know

With the Sky Go app, you can watch most of your favourite TV channels included in your Sky TV subscription on your Apple TV rather than via your Sky Q box, Sky Stream puck, or Sky Glass television. It’s great for bringing the Sky experience from your living space to another room without a secondary Sky Q Mini or Sky Stream.

However, unlike Sky Go on your phone, tablet, or computer, for which you only require to have an active Sky TV package, on Apple TV, you must also pay for the Sky Multiscreen Whole Home add-on to stream live channels and catch-up programming. The app itself is free.

If you have Sky Sports and Sky Cinema bundles, you can also watch them on Apple TV using the Sky Go app, and there’s no additional charge for this. However, it’s important to note if you get access to Sky Go as part of your Sky Mobile subscription, you won’t be able to use the app for streaming on Apple TV.

As mentioned, the Sky Go Apple TV app allows streaming 100+ channels. While BBC isn’t one of them, you’ll find ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 among the free-to-air stations. Plus, there’s a wide range of entertainment channels, including Sky’s own Sky Atlantic and Max, alongside a diverse selection of sports, news, kids, documentaries, and lifestyle channels.

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How to Get Sky Go on Apple TV?

How to Get Sky Go on Apple TV?

Like any other app, you can download the latest version of Sky Go on your Apple TV from the App Store. Power on your Apple TV, ensure it’s connected to your home internet, and perform these steps using your Siri Remote:

  • Scroll down your Apple TV Home Screen and select the App Store
  • Find and select the Sky Go app in the Discover or Apps catalogues.
    • If you can’t find it, highlight the Search (magnifying glass) icon at the top, use the on-screen keyboard to enter “Sky Go” in the field, and choose it from the right-hand-side results.
  • On the preview page for the Sky Go app, click the Get button, followed by a second time to confirm downloading it.

Depending on your internet, the Sky Go app should finish installing on your Apple TV in under a minute. When you see the Open button on the App Store preview screen, return to the Home Screen and scroll to the bottom of your installed apps to access Sky Go.

Now, all you have to do is log in with your Sky ID account details. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, scan the QR code on the app’s login screen with your phone camera (or go to the provided link on another device) and follow the on-screen prompts to retrieve your details or reset your account.

When you successfully sign in, your Apple TV device will be added to your Sky account’s “Registered Devices” list, which you can manage via the Sky Go mobile/computer app or the website.

Overview of Sky Go App on Apple TV

Considering the similarities to the Sky Q interface, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the Sky Go app on your Apple TV.

You can access the TV Guide from the app’s starting screen, where you get to explore the channels included with your Sky package and check what’s playing right now and upcoming programs on your favourite channels. You can filter/sort them by genre, e.g., Entertainment, Sports, Kids, News, etc.

There’s also the “Catch up” section when you wish to catch up with the newest episode of your favourite drama, thriller, or reality show. If you pay for Sky Cinema, you can access and stream from Sky’s sizeable library of box sets on-demand.

And when you can’t decide what to watch, the starting “Home” screen features numerous content shelves. It’s where you discover trending titles, the latest news, live sports, and so on. From the “What’s on now” row, you can see what programs are currently airing on various channels, with a progress bar at the bottom indicating how long till they finish.

Note Regarding Limitations

A major drawback of Sky Go on Apple TV, at least at the time of writing, is that the playback quality for both live channels and on-demand content doesn’t go beyond 720p HD, not even 1080p Full HD.

Most live channels cap to 576p – except for Sky Sports and Sky News, which stream at 720p. That’s even if you pay for the Sky Q Experience pack or the Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos add-on. Apple TV 4K does its best to upscale the content, but the end result is nowhere close to convincing to the native image.

Also, unlike the mobile app that can connect to a Sky Q box on the same home network and allow users to watch and manage their recordings, Sky Go on Apple TV doesn’t support the feature yet. The same goes for scheduling recordings remotely and downloading movies and shows on the device.

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Alternatives to Sky Go on Apple TV

Of course, Sky Go requires users to have a Sky TV subscription and expects them to pay extra monthly for the Multiscreen Whole Home add-on. If you aren’t a Sky customer but are interested in Sky’s entertainment and sports channels, NOW is the best streaming option to consider.

NOW primarily offers three streaming subscriptions: Entertainment, Cinema, and Sports. With the Entertainment Membership, you get to tune in to 17 of Sky’s live TV stations, including Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Sky Showcase, and Sky Kids, alongside Peacock, Comedy Central, and MTV – and watch all their content on-demand.

Opting for the Cinema Membership will let you stream the latest blockbusters and timeless classics – plus exclusive Sky Original movies every month. There’s even the Cinema & Entertainment plan, offering the best of both at a discounted price.

Perhaps the most compelling option in the bunch is the Sports Membership, which allows for streaming all 11 Sky Sports channels, e.g., Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, and Sky Sports Action, outside a Sky TV connection.

All three NOW memberships are also affordable compared to a full-blown TV contract, and you’re free to cancel your subscription anytime. Another advantage to going with NOW on Apple TV is you can enjoy your favourite live channels and on-demand titles at up to 1080p Full HD with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, provided you’re okay paying a little more for the NOW Boost add-on.

Final Words

Sky TV has become a whole lot more accessible in recent years, and with Sky Go on Apple TV, it goes one step further. Sure, Sky has put some artificial limitations in place, presumably to compel users to get a second Sky Q Mini or Sky Stream for the full-fledged experience.

Some would even argue the interface is dated – but if you already pay for Multiscreen and aren’t bothered by the limited channels list or video quality, the Sky Go Apple TV app is most certainly a step up from using it on a phone or tablet.

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