What Channel is TBS on Samsung TV Plus?

TBS is one of the several pay cable channels Warner Bros. Discovery owns and operates in the United States. It features a diverse programming catalog, typically a mix of original and acquired sitcoms, weekly AEW Dynamite wrestling, and live sports broadcasts consisting of MLB, NCAA March Madness, NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, etc.

While TBS Originals like Miracle Workers, American Dad, and Wipeout are the focal points, viewers also tune in for shows such as Impractical Jokers, I Survived Bear Grylls, and AEW All Access. Plus, it’s home to sitcoms acquired from other networks, e.g., Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Modern Family, and Family Matters.

As much as you love tuning into TBS, it isn’t probably enough to justify holding onto your cable or satellite subscription. The good thing is you can watch the channel without cable on your favorite screens with a streaming plan, but what about on Samsung TV Plus?

With over 200 live channels and 1000s of titles streaming on-demand, all for free without a subscription, for many, TV Plus is the go-to streamer app on their Samsung TVs. But what channel is TBS on Samsung TV Plus? Continue reading for the definite answer.

What Channel is TBS on Samsung TV Plus?

Like most FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) services, the 24/7 live channels on Samsung TV Plus differ from your usual traditional cable TV channels. It’s essentially free TV for those who enjoy the linear programming format, with most channels re-running older content of a particular kind or episodes from a popular show, with adverts in between.

While TV Plus carries live feeds of a handful of traditional cable networks, sadly, TBS isn’t one of them. Luckily, you can tune into the service’s exclusive Conan O’Brien TV (1318) channel for clips and compilations showcasing the best of the comedian’s former late-night TBS talk show, plus guest appearances, interviews, comedy sketches, and more.

Besides, Samsung TV Plus has a dedicated “Comedy” category for live channels, which includes the following:

Comedy All Day (1320) Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network (1325) Just for Laughs GAGS (1321)
Always Funny Videos (1332) Comedy Dynamics (1338) The Pet Collective (1329)
Dry Bar Comedy (1334) RiffTrax (1329)

Check out Samsung TV Plus’ on-demand catalog if you’re in the mood to binge some sitcoms or reality shows.

How to Watch TBS on Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is well integrated into the company’s Tizen smart TV platform. With your Samsung TV (2016 or newer) powered on and connected, simply open up the Home or Smart Hub menu and select the Samsung TV Plus app icon. You can then press the CH remote buttons to switch to the channel you want to watch.

TV Plus is also available for Galaxy smartphones and tablets (Android 8.0+). Can’t find it? You can get it from the Galaxy Store or Play Store on your supported model. For the live channels, navigate to the app’s Live TV tab and choose the one you wish to watch. If you have a Chromecast-enabled TV or streaming player on the same network, tap the in-app Cast icon to enjoy on the big screen.

You can also watch from your computer or laptop by visiting samsungtvplus.com (exclusive to the U.S.).

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Other Ways to Watch TBS on Samsung TV

TBS and other WBD-owned channels like TNT, truTV, HGTV, and TLC are available via most TV providers beyond cable and satellite ones. It includes live TV streaming services: Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV Stream. All offer TBS with their base plans, and every one of them natively supports Samsung Smart TVs.

Sling TV offers the cheapest streaming TV plans in the bunch, with its Blue, Orange, and combined Orange & Blue packages carrying the channel, plus TNT, truTV, and more of its sister networks. If you’re eager to tune in to TBS’s current programming and live sports coverage, this is your best option.

You can use your Sling TV (or other participating provider) credentials to sign into the TBS mobile app and gain on-demand access to the latest episodes alongside the channel’s entire backlog of titles. You can then download the TBS Cast app on your Samsung TV to cast the content to your big screen.

For free videos, check out the official TBS YouTube channel via the respective TV app, where you’ll find clips, snippets, highlights, and sometimes even full episodes from the channel’s current programming lineup.


The home of Miracle Workers, American Dad, Young Sheldon, Wipeout, Friday Night Vibes, AEW, and more, TBS has a lot to offer. While the channel isn’t streaming on Samsung TV Plus as of now, we’ve discussed some alternatives and shown other ways to get TBS on Samsung TV in the above sections. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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