How to Get Twitch on Apple TV [2024]

Fancy watching your favorite streamers on the big screen? With Twitch on Apple TV, you can do just that. Of course, your go-to platform rarely needs any introduction. But for those uninitiated, Twitch is where you join millions tuning into various live streams, whether it’s gaming, eSports, sports, podcasts, cooking, DIY, or individuals vlogging their everyday real-life activities.

A majority of Twitch’s appeal comes from the wholesome (and sometimes borderline absurd) fun viewers have when interacting with their favorite streamers via chat in real time, joining hundreds and sometimes thousands of others sharing the same interests.

Twitch has seen a fair share of controversies around its content, bias, and policies in recent years. Despite that and many streamers migrating exclusively to rival platforms like YouTube and Kick, channels like Ninja, xQc, Pokimane, Shroud, moistcr1tikal, Nickeh30, KaiCenat, NICKMERCS, and Jerma985 are what keep the spotlight shining on Twitch.

Whether you’re a seasoned viewer or a newbie eager to explore, with Twitch on Apple TV, you can finally kick back on your comfy couch, grab some snacks, and dive headfirst into the diverse catalog of live streams that scratch your itch for niche content.

How to Get Twitch on Apple TV?

twitch on apple tv

If you already watch Twitch on your desktop or mobile device, you should have no problem viewing your favorite streamers on Apple TV, thanks to the official Twitch app. It’s available for Apple TV HD and 4K boxes running tvOS 10.0 and above. Here’s how you get it from the App Store:

  • Power on your Apple TV and use your Siri Remote to navigate to and launch the App Store from the Home Screen.
  • Scroll over to the magnifying glass icon to the right of the top navigation bar, then use the on-screen keypad to enter “Twitch” in the Search field.
  • Choose the matching app in the results, followed by the Get button on the overview screen.
  • Select Get a second time to confirm, after which the Twitch app should begin installing.

And with that, you can return to your Home Screen and launch Twitch on Apple TV. It’s really that easy!

How to Use Twitch on Apple TV?

For those seasoned Twitch viewers out there, the Apple TV app should feel just like home. There’s the Home, Browse, and Search menus you can cycle between, where you discover and explore trending streaming categories and live broadcasts.

You can start watching right away without logging in, but you also won’t have access to your “Following” list or be able to interact with the chat. If these features are somewhat essential to you, click the Sign In option at the top and follow these steps:

  • Use your phone or tablet’s camera to scan the QR code. It’ll direct you to Twitch’s login page.
    • Alternatively, go to from your preferred device, enter the 8-digit code shown on your TV, and click Activate.

  • Enter your Twitch Username and Password and hit the Log In
    • If you don’t have an account, select Sign Up and go through the account creation process. It’s necessary to verify your email.
  • Finally, click Authorize to link your Twitch account to the Apple TV app.

Once you’ve successfully signed into Twitch on Apple TV, you’re free to Follow channels and participate in Chat on live streams. You can even use channel Emotes and donate Bits and Sub Tokens. The latter counts as in-app purchases, so you’ll be charged for them via the payment method linked to your Apple ID.

To adjust the video quality, click the cog icon in the player options and select your desired resolution. It’s set to Auto by default, but if your internet connection allows it, you can lock it to Source or up to 1080p60 for the best viewing experience.

And if it wasn’t obvious already, no, you can’t broadcast yourself playing games on Twitch via the Apple TV app.

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FAQ: Can I Cast Twitch Streams on Apple TV?

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad with the Twitch app installed, sure – you can use AirPlay to cast your favorite streams to your Apple TV and enjoy them on the big screen.

Assuming your Apple devices are on the same home Wi-Fi network, simply tap the Cast or AirPlay icon within the player window in the Twitch mobile app, then choose your Apple TV in the list. The stream will start playing on your TV in a few moments, and you should still be able to use the mobile app to interact via live chat.

Going Offline

With live broadcasts of the hottest video games and eSports to creative and IRL streams and everything in between, Twitch is home to some of the largest, wonderful communities and thousands of emerging streamers. As we call it a wrap for this guide to Twitch on Apple TV, we hope you have fun watching the content you love on the big screen.

If you have any questions or run into problems downloading the Twitch tvOS app or using it on Apple TV, feel free to comment below so we can help you out.

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